Thrive Themes Reviews

Thrive Themes Reviews

Thrive Themes Reviews

Lead-generating plugins include form generators, marketing campaign managers, and others.

The platform, however, is not ideal for everyone.

Therefore, in this Thrive Themes review, we’ll examine all of the plugins it provides, their benefits and drawbacks, and whether or not you ought to get a Thrive Themes subscription.

TLDR: Review of Thrive Themes

For a fair price, Thrive Themes can provide a vast number of useful plugins for advertisers, agencies, and site owners who prioritize conversions.

And how effective are the plugins? Must non-marketers purchase them? Read our Thrive Themes Review to find out.

Thrive Themes Review

Website builders and marketers will find Thrive Themes’ offer to be quite alluring.

Their Membership includes more than a dozen plugins and technologies that work together to form an efficient web development ecosystem.

Again, conversion rate optimization is a consideration in the design of Thrive Themes.

In today’s Thrive Themes review, we’ll examine all of their tools, consider what’s included in the bundle, and determine whether or not it’s all worthwhile.

A side note: Technically, you could buy each of these tools separately and only use specific plugins, but nobody does that because the tools are pricey and unimpressive on their own.

Together, they represent a deal worth considering, though, as Thrive Themes can be yours for a respectable sum of money.

The drag-and-drop page builder from Thrive Themes is called Thrive Architect, and it has a long history on the market.

This is the first plugin Thrive Themes has ever offered, and it’s a decent utility. It features a lovely UI, easy navigation, and all the resources you want for success:

  • Blogging
  • Intricate website designs
  • Marketing initiatives

Optimization of conversion rates is also a given. This will be a reoccurring subject in our Thrive Themes review because this is what Thrive Themes is all about. This business sells conversion-optimization plugins.

For this reason, Thrive Architect, for instance, contains a lot of content modules that are conversion-focused:

Thrive Themes Builder

The Theme Builder, which enables you to design a theme from scratch for your WordPress website, is the following plugin available as part of the Thrive Themes membership (Thrive Themes Review).

The Thrive Theme Builder plugin did cause me some trouble when I first tried to use it. On my website, a strange mistake appeared in the background:

Not the best situation to be in when choosing a style and design for your WordPress website.

However, the error vanished after a few steps in their setup tutorial, and I didn’t experience it with any other Thrive Themes plugins.

A wizard walks you through the options available with each of the more complicated Thrive Themes plugins.

Thrive Theme Builder Information

As already indicated, Thrive Theme Builder is available as a WordPress theme instead of a plugin. When engaged on your website, it enables you to perform a few crucial tasks.

Full Site Edit

Thrive, Theme Builder is a WordPress theme, and thus unlike page builder plugins, it allows you to personalize every part of your website, not just the content areas (Thrive Themes Review). Thrive Theme Builder might be for you if you’ve ever felt annoyed that your WordPress website can’t be customized as much as you’d want or that your existing theme is too limited. You may change the header, footer, archive templates, and more by having complete control over the theme’s design, all without ever having to look at a single line of code.

More Conversions

Another benefit of using Thrive Theme Builder is that it is conversion-focused, just like all other Thrive Themes products (which you gain access to when you buy their Thrive Suite). The purpose of all of its features, including the templates and elements, is to increase the number of sales, clicks, or other forms of conversions from your website (Thrive Themes Review).

This is not to imply that Thrive Theme Builder won’t assist you in building a beautiful website; instead, it will do so while also giving you the tools necessary to make sure it is successful in helping you in achieving your objectives, be they increasing sales, subscribers, or page views.

Thrive Quiz Builder

They feature a wonderful setup wizard, similar to most of the plugins in this article, making it simple to develop something quickly.



  • Easy-to-use user interface. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, building a custom WordPress website is quite simple.
  • Well-designed templates: Although you have complete control over the look and feel of your site, you may choose the building blocks of your site’s content from hundreds of editable templates.
  • two distinct topics Thrive Theme Builder now offers you two customizable multipurpose themes to pick from, Shapeshift and Omni, in addition to the individual page templates.
  • Conversion-oriented: Thrive Themes and its tool, Thrive, Theme Builder, place a heavy emphasis on assisting you in building highly effective websites that will increase clicks, sales, or subscribers.
  • Well-documented: To make sure you can make the most of this tool, Thrive Theme Builder is backed by a ton of informative content.


  • Lack of compatibility with other themes, including your current theme because Thrive Theme Builder is a WordPress theme.
  • Cost: The Thrive Theme Builder is exclusively included with the Thrive Suite. It’s not a cheap option, even though it includes many additional robust features.
  • Relatively few templates: While Thrive Theme Builder does have a large number of templates, some other programs, like Divi, have more.


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