The Ultimate Digital Marketing Tool: Clickfunnels vs Thrive Themes

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Tool: Clickfunnels vs Thrive Themes

Are you looking for excellent marketing tools that generate leads from website visitors? In regards to Thrive Themes Vs. Clickfunnels, there are conflicting views. Each is well-known in their own way.

If you’re seeking for marketing solutions but are unsure which ones to choose, keep reading this fantastic comparison of ClickFunnels vs Thrive Themes.

A sales funnel that turns audiences into leads and ultimately into paying customers is necessary for effective online marketing.

Let’s proceed to find out which will assist you in achieving your marketing objectives.

You can find a detailed comparison of ClickFunnels vs Thrive Themes here, along with some closing thoughts.

A sales funnel: What is it?

A sales funnel is a collection of online pages that acts as a direction for site users as they transition from potential guests to paying clients.

Obtaining consumer emails is the goal of the sales funnel. The mere act of gathering email addresses from clients does not guarantee that they will soon start making payments. Even so, it might raise the likelihood of getting paying clients.

You can begin cultivating relationships with consumers after receiving their emails. As a result, the sales funnel strategy is increasingly crucial for generating leads.

Overviews of clickfunnels vs thrive themes

In case this is your first time hearing about either Thrive or ClickFunnels, it’s only fair that we introduce them both before we compare the two tools we have today. Let’s get started straight now.

Introduction to ClickFunnels

A sales funnel builder and comprehensive digital marketing tool, ClickFunnels. It is made up of a collection of websites that aid in turning visitors into paying clients. Users of ClickFunnels have access to a wide variety of pre-built sales funnels that can be used to market and sell goods and services.

  • With a straightforward drag-and-drop editor, ClickFunnels also gives you the option to construct your own funnels. Even a strong foundation in coding is not required. The platform also offers a wide range of tools that you may use to monitor the effectiveness of your sales funnels.
  • Most Notable Features: Pre-Built Funnels and Templates: Although ClickFunnels allows you to build your own sales templates and funnels, you can also utilize one of the many pre-designed templates and sales funnels that the platform provides for quick and simple deployment.
  • Designing your own sales funnels and templates with ClickFunnels is as simple as dragging and dropping various blocks and elements, thanks to the editor’s intuitive drag and drop functionality. No prior coding knowledge is necessary.
  • Backpack Affiliate Program: With ClickFunnels, you can create and manage your own affiliate programs in addition to high-conversion sales funnels. To put it another way, you will be able to enlist affiliates to aid in the promotion of your goods.
  • Integrated Email Marketing: ClickFunnels boasts Actionetics as its own email marketing tool. The Etison Suite plan is the only one that offers the feature. Additionally, Clickfunnels may be integrated with outside email providers like Mailchimp and AWeber.
  • Integrated eCommerce Service: ClickFunnels gives you the power to market and sell both your services and physical and digital goods online. You can manage and send your products with it, and it integrates with ShipStation and lets you accept payments.
  • Hosting webinars: ClickFunnels gives you the option to host webinars. In addition, ClickFunnels gives you the option of using its webinar funnels to increase attendance at your webinars. On-demand webinars may be run automatically.
  • Numerous Integrations: The fact that ClickFunnels can link with big businesses like Shopify and Zapier is one of the factors that make it a top marketing software. Additionally, it can integrate with WordPress, offering to Thrive a strong competition.
  • Split-testing A/B: You can split test your web pages and sales funnels with ClickFunnels, like the most reliable online marketing tools, to identify the layouts that have the highest conversion rates. With this tool, you can split-test nearly all elements.

Summary of the Thrive Themes

Instead of being an all-inclusive digital marketing solution, Thrive Themes is a collection of WordPress specific plugins and tools. This wide range of resources can be used to create several kinds of websites, including sales funnels, and monitor their effectiveness.

You can use a wide variety of pre-built funnels and the website builder to design your own, much as with ClickFunnels. You can add a variety of plugins from Thrive Themes into your funnels, like a quiz maker, countdown timers, and testimonials.

Most Prominent Qualities:

  • Thrive Themes: This is a huge collection of themes you may utilize to create your own website. The themes, however, are limited to WordPress. Keep in mind as you read that the platform is completely tailored to WordPress.
  • Thrive Architect is a tool for creating websites that you may use to create landing pages, sales pages, homepages, and other types of pages. Additionally, you may add different components to your pages with this tool, such as buttons, movies, and pricing sections.
  • You may construct various opt-in forms with the Thrive Leads functionality, including pop-up forms, in-line forms, sticky forms, slider forms, and more. Additionally, it interacts with an integrated analytics tool to let you know which forms are generating the most conversions.
  • With the help of the excellent application Thrive Ultimatum, you can add countdown timers to any or all offers on your website or sales pages. The deal expires immediately when the timer expires. It’s a efficient way to raise your conversion rate.
  • Thrive Ovation: This useful feature can boost your conversions by obtaining customer and follower reviews using online forms and social media platforms. Depending on your preference, you can display these endorsements on your website.
  • You may use the Thrive Quiz Builder function to build quizzes for your website, as the name suggests. These quizzes can be connected to your offerings as well. Additionally, you may run an A/B test on your quizzes to determine which ones are working the best.
  • Thrive Optimize: This tool is essentially a split testing function that enables you to A/B test several versions of your site to see which one generates the most hits and sales. In every digital marketing tool, this is a crucial element to look for.
  • Thrive Comments: Consumer involvement is a critical component of online marketing. You can use this tool to add a comments section to your web pages to encourage greater participation from your target audience and foster brand loyalty.
  • Headline Optimizer: The headlines you employ to have a significant impact on the amount of traction your posts can receive. The headline optimizer makes it possible to generate a variety of titles for a single post and run split tests to determine which one performs best.
  • Landing Pages: Thrive offers an exceptional range of pre-built landing pages for various uses, such as opt-in pages, webinars, sales pages, and more. This selection will make it simple for you to create sales funnels tailored to your individual requirements.
  • Effective Widgets: Thrive comes with various useful widgets that you can utilize to present your audience with pertinent content. This is especially helpful if your website has a ton of information because it will make it easier for your visitors to see articles about their interests.

Pricing for ClickFunnels

If you decide to use ClickFunnels, you can sign up for either the basic plan ($97/month) or the Etison Suite plan ($297/month). Additionally, there is an annual discount package available for $997. In our opinion, the latter choice is the ideal one for ClickFunnels.

You can access all the tools you want to create sales funnels and pages with ClickFunnels’ free subscription. We’ve seen that most consumers begin with this plan before upgrading. All of ClickFunnels’ capabilities, including email automation, an affiliate program, opt-ins, and more, are included in the Etison Suite package.

The price of Thrive Themes

With monthly prices starting at at $19 and going as high as $69, Thrive Themes is much less expensive than ClickFunnels. Like ClickFunnels, Thrive Themes offers two pricing tiers along with a 24% annual discount no matter which of the two tiers you choose to sign up for.

The individual plan, which Thrive’s first package, costs $19 per month if paid annually or $30 per month if paid quarterly. Although you can only use the tools on 25 of your own websites, this subscription still gives you access to the complete Thrive suite, which is sufficient for bloggers.

The second plan is the Agency plan, which has a monthly cost of $69 when billed quarterly or $49 when billed annually. This plan is perfect for digital firms since it offers the same tools and services as the individual plan but allows you to use them on 50 of your sites.


These sites are both excellent resources for online enterprises.

Even while ClickFunnels has a much higher price tag, it still can be the ideal choice for many internet businesses that want a complete sales funnel.

When it comes to sales funnel tools, ClickFunnels is an all-in-one solution.

It does, however, come at a somewhat high price, so if you don’t require all of its features, there are other solutions available, like Thrive Architect.

A fantastic WordPress-based landing page and funnel builder with lovely templates is available from Thrive.

Since it is a WordPress plugin, which I really appreciate, it is also independent of a platform like ClickFunnels.

Overall, these are both excellent pieces of software that you ought to take into account for your company. I advise carefully examining your company’s requirements so that you may make the best decision possible.

The following are the items you want to pay great attention to:

  • Your demands for attributes
  • spending limit
  • Your platforms of preference

I hope this has assisted you in identifying the best course of action!


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