The Best Of The Best WordPress Themes For Artists

The Best Of The Best WordPress Themes For Artists

As an artist, you are aware that the greatest method to expose your work to as many people as possible is through a website. One of the simplest ways to create such a website is WordPress, which you are undoubtedly familiar with. Until you have to choose a Thrive WordPress theme, that is.

It’s generally accepted that imposing constraints can actually foster creativity. This is regrettably not the case with themes because there are dozens to pick from, and many of them feature a variety of fancy features to increase interest.

WordPress Themes for Artists

It’s simple to overlook the fact that your art, not the page around it, is the focal point among all the bells and whistles. Therefore, only the elements that best showcase your work should be included in your theme.

  • Kalium

A distinctive website is essential for artists to attract attention and provide a glimpse of their style. As a result, choosing a great theme like Kalium will probably be your most crucial website decision (WordPress Themes for Artists).

Although other themes provide contemporary functionality and features, Kalium has a cutting-edge vibe to it. Additionally, it is simple to customize to your needs. You can install one of 13 pre-built demos to get going quickly, but you can also design your own layout with the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin. You may choose from more than 1,500 fonts thanks to Google and FontSquirrel, and with a premium upgrade, you can also add more than 2,500 Typekit fonts.

Naturally, it is not all. You may adjust a variety of design components in Kalium, including colors, headers and footers, blog and portfolio pages, your storefront, and much more, using the dedicated admin panel. Finally, the theme is totally compatible with the WPML plugin and has been translated into 16 different languages.

Overall, Kalium has several components that remind me of various themes. However, this theme exudes excellence in a way that few others can. We strongly advise you to check out Kalium, which we can highly recommend.

  • Musisi

Promoting your band or the most recent music endeavor? Musicians were considered when developing Musisi. This theme offers features designed for advertising your music releases and events in addition to its design customization. These contain post and page templates for things like your discography, events, news, and videos. Musisi also has a robust theme options page where you may edit your site’s specifics and see changes as they take effect.

More than ever, the internet is helping music lovers find new bands. Because of this, Musisi is SEO-optimized, assisting you in rising up the results pages and developing a devoted fanbase. Additionally, Musisi’s fully responsive design aids in getting your band seen across all popular devices.

  • Divi

If you’ve spent more than five minutes using WordPress, you’ve probably heard about Divi. Although this topic is multifunctional and has an excellent reputation, can artists actually use it given its broad application?

Yes, it is the answer. When you explore the massive Divi Builder, your inner designer will be freed. Over 46 content items are available in this drag-and-drop page builder to help you create your pages. However, there are also more than 20 pre-built plans available if you’d want to get going as soon as possible.

It’s also no trouble to display your portfolio. For this, Divi offers a variety of editable templates. Your portfolio may be filtered, and there are a full-width gallery, grid, and carousel layouts (with boxed variants available). Although the layouts are simple, they look beautiful and can be customized to your liking using the Divi Builder features (WordPress Themes for Artists).

Without a doubt, Divi is effective. We are happy to say that it is a fantastic option for artists that require design freedom and power, and we heartily recommend it for building your website.

  • Oscillator

Want another choice for a theme to market your music? Oscillator offers a simple but attractive style that will make your website stand out in the entertainment sector. It has an integrated streaming audio player that you can include on your pages so that users can hear your music directly on your website. Your player can stream from a live station or follow a predetermined tracklist, making it suitable for broadcasting organizations.

Oscillator, like Musisi, has post categories for discography, events, and promotional media galleries. Additionally, your pages are search engine optimized. Oscillator lacks more sophisticated visual effects, but this keeps your pages quick and maintains readers’ attention on your sound, which is what actually matters.

  • Stockholm

Stockholm’s emphasis on minimalism is not surprising given that the Swedish are recognized for favoring that style. Therefore, it won’t get in the way of showing off your work.

With this theme, you have a plethora of demo templates to select from, including ones for e-commerce sites, landing pages, and enterprises. The bold typography and high contrast color choices give the portfolio layouts an outsized appearance. Additionally, Stockholm includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, which enables you to design a layout that meets your specific needs.

In a word, Stockholm provides a straightforward opportunity to display your artistic talent in a beautiful yet understated manner. You might wish to look at the theme’s demo if you want your work to take center stage.

  • Eldon

Eldon features a creative layout that works well for online portfolios.

Eldon offers a few demonstrations that you might want to look at whether you, your gallery, or the artist you’re developing a website for wants a fashionable website to exhibit their creative output. You may quickly tailor the layout of your site to your preferred aesthetic by switching the demonstrations to either bright or dark mode. Of course, additional, finer adjustments can also be done.

All of the Eldon demos have unique layouts and designs. Some use animations to great advantage, while others feature navigation bars at the bottom of the screen. Many of the samples have sliders in their design, offering you a unique approach to show photographs to your audience.

Your website will stand out from the competition thanks to these eye-catching layouts from Eldon.

  • Draft

Draft is yet another free WordPress theme that would be appreciated by artists and illustrators. It’s a top-notch blogging platform, too. Featured photographs are utilized to create a grid pattern on the Draft site. It offers a friendly message box, custom colors, a header, and context-sensitive support. You can change any part of the theme using the WordPress theme customizer.

This does not imply that your website should consist of of a vase image on a blank page. The best WordPress themes for artists put the focus on the content while also providing a wonderful user experience for all visitors. To help you with that, we’ve gathered the top WordPress themes in this article.


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