Less Is More? The Top Minimalist WordPress Themes

Less Is More? The Top Minimalist WordPress Themes

It’s not difficult to understand why minimalism has grown in popularity as a web design trend over the past few years, despite its origins as a response against trendy, crowded design methods. Designers have now realized what many pe

You’ll probably begin by making a list of needed attributes when looking for themes in different categories. However, you should use as little pomp as possible for an appropriate minimalism motif. This eliminates distracting components like social media widgets, difficult slider plugins, and imposing animations. You should aim for stunning font, a wide range of color possibilities, and functionality designed to put your information front and center. In the end, using minimalist WordPress themes means getting your hands dirty by exploring the demo websites. In this manner, you’ll be able to spot the ideal answer when you see it.

Don’t worry if you’re still feeling overburdened. We’ll cover more than 25 of the greatest minimalist Thrive WordPress theme  in this collection. You’ll have a lot better understanding of what’s appropriate for your material by the end.

Making a WordPress Minimalist Website for Writers

The most used website builder available is WordPress. Writers and bloggers from all around the world favor it.

WordPress websites come in two different varieties. WordPress.org, also referred to as self-hosted WordPress, and WordPress.com, a hosting service. For more information, see our detailed comparison of WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

You need WordPress that is self-hosted if you want to build a simple website. It is quite adaptable and comes equipped with all the functions you require.

To launch your WordPress website, you will first need a domain name and web hosting.

A domain name, such as wpbeginner.com or google.com, is the web address for your website. All of your website files are stored on a web server.

We advise utilizing Bluehost. It is a well-known web host and a WordPress hosting partner that comes highly recommended.

Minimalist WordPress Themes

  • Seed Prod

The most well-liked landing page builder for WordPress is called SeedProd. Additionally, it enables you to design a fully unique website theme with the header, footer, sidebar, and other areas of your choice.

The best aspect is that there is no coding required. It includes a potent drag and drop visual builder and live preview to let you make changes to your pages or build a website.

Additionally, you receive numerous pre-built website designs that you may use as a foundation to establish your theme. Landing pages for the about, contact, and other pages are included in these designs.

Additionally, there are built-in landing sites for error pages, maintenance mode, and coming soon in SeedProd. Anyone can use the website builder because it is user-friendly for beginners.

  • Astra

Astra is a simple WordPress theme with a ton of lovely, minimalistic designs. For writers, their e-Book Author template is ideal. It has a lot of white space and crisp text.

Astra can be used right out of the box or customized to appear as you choose. Complete beginners can use it, but it also has strength and flexibility.

Better yet, it is a quick, light theme that can improve your WordPress SEO (search engine optimization). As a result, Google and other search engines will rank your website higher.

  • Kalium

A minimalist theme should not be inflexible or functional just because it is simple. As graceful and elegant as a swan, Kalium is stunning on the outside but strong on the inside.

Kalium has a ton of alternatives. There are 11 example templates available for you to chose from (with more on the coming), and you have access to an enormous selection of portfolio and blog layouts. Additionally, Kalium includes the well-liked, if complicated, Slider Revolution plugin. Although the plugin’s busier effects are inappropriate for simplicity, they can nevertheless be tastefully used to provide useful design elements.

Additionally, you have access to a wide range of adjustments, including a full color palette and over 800 Google Fonts, to enhance your content. Additionally, by using the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you may create layouts that are specifically catered to your individual design needs.

While Kalium has the strength and adaptability to give a crowded design aesthetic, when used properly, it works best for a minimalist design—especially for those want to highlight their portfolio.

  • Typology

Eliminating all visual elements and relying exclusively on text is one method to take minimalist web design to the limit. Typology accomplishes this by eliminating all extraneous distractions and ensuring that your viewers will only pay attention to your content.

Typology is a straightforward theme that offers a rapid setup and modification procedure while yet giving you a fair level of control over the appearance of your site. There are various possibilities for customizing your design and homepage, as well as a variety of post layouts. You may customize your text in a variety of ways by adjusting its size, formatting, colors, and other attributes. You can upload and include a logo and icons if you wish to use your own branding.

Typology also covers the fundamentals of performance and technology. As you could expect from an extremely basic theme, it is fully responsive and has impressive load times. You can access a dozen shortcodes that help streamline the design process, and there is a dedicated theme options panel that makes initial setup simple. Additionally, Typology contains built-in translation features, such as a setting that will change your blog’s reading direction from left to right. While this theme won’t overwhelm you with features, it does offer the necessities for a text-focused website.

Typology is a no-nonsense theme that will get you up and running fairly quickly and was created with minimalist bloggers in mind. It’s worth a look if it satisfies your needs.

  • Phlox

The top-rated minimalist theme in the WordPress repository is Phlox. Almost any sort of website, including agency, news, culinary, travel, photography, blogs, and portfolios, can benefit from its lightweight and contemporary style. The demo sites that Phlox offers, which can be installed with a single click and are appropriate for a variety of business areas, set it apart from other WordPress themes. Additionally, it loads quickly and offers 30 unique widgets and elements for website customization.

  • Minimalist Blog

One of the best free minimalist wordpress themes. It is adaptable, fully responsive, and contemporary, making it ideal for blogs in any category, including travel, news, personal, tech, food, and other niches. Additionally, it was built using the greatest SEO techniques to ensure that your site loads swiftly.

  • Botiga

Botiga is a simple yet effective WordPress theme for building online stores using WooCommerce.

Botiga boasts a crisp, contemporary appearance with abundance of white space. Although the design is simple, the feature list cannot be. Numerous product listing styles, support for adding image galleries to your product pages, the ability to add badges to your product photographs to highlight their major qualities, and product filters to aid visitors in finding what they’re looking for are some of its key features.

With the advanced features of Botiga’s pro version, you can increase the functionality of your store with things like a wish list tool for products, a sticky add-to-cart button, and adjustable product tab functionality. Additionally, you have more customization possibilities, such as sidebar positions, product gallery styles, and header styles.

Botiga is the way to go if you want your products to take center stage in your eCommerce store.

  • Aventa

For your website, Aventa offers a variety of simple WooCommerce store demos.

The Aventa demos are probably worth looking at for anyone wishing to create a store with a simple design. These demonstrations span a variety of store kinds, but they were all created using the potent WooCommerce plugin to provide you access to all the eCommerce features you’re likely to require. They have many various designs for the interior pages of your store, such as the shop pages, individual product pages, and product category pages, in addition to the simple homepage layouts of the demonstrations.

Aventa offers a number of distinct hover effects that are activated when the mouse cursor passes over a product image to make it simple for your visitors to have a closer look at your products. In order to examine additional information about a product without having to visit a new page, users can zoom in on product photos and use the rapid view mode.


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